Flying Off Bookshelves Now!
B is for Bufflehead is one children's book we just can't wait to sell in our store. Adults will be as fascinated as their kids! Beautiful prose, intriguing fun facts about the birds, and spectacular photography combine to give our next generation a quality introduction to the natural world we all cherish.
--Cecil and Mike Williams, Wild Birds Unlimited, Pleasant Hill, CA
Birding is big business. In fact, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that there are 48 million active birders in the United States, with 20 million of those traveling to parks, refuges, and other locations to bird watch. They also estimate that birders spend nearly $36 billion annually on their hobby. B is for Bufflehead will appeal to those birders, a majority of whom are over 45, that want to share their passion for birds with their favorite little ones.
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